Parting Gifts

Parting Gifts - Lorraine Heath "Good. My children so enjoy gifts. It is my hope, Maddie, that you shall be the finest one I ever give them."When i'm looking for something to get me out of a reading funk or maybe just a good Western, I always turn to Lorraine Heath. This is a stand alone book but this may be one of my favorites.In Parting Gifts we meet Maddie, a girl who's come to the end of her struggle and has nothing else but her body to sell in order to eat and survive. She finds herself at Bevs standing on a table selling her innocence to the highest bidder. In that moment, fate steps in and hands her Charles Lawson, a man who pays an incredible amount of money for Maddie. What Charles has in store for Maddie is not what she thinks and what a gift he gives her...What I loved about this story is the overwhelming feeling of family. Charles, Jessie and all the lawson children love each other so deeply and the loss of Annie, Charles wife has hit them all so hard. When Maddie steps off the stage coach into her new life, and it surprises both her and Jessie. This physical attraction is something they cannot over look but the love and commitment they have for Charles out weighs this attraction. Whiskey. Her eyes reminded Jesse of a glass of good whiskey, the kind that went down smooth and warmed a man's insides. The kind of whiskey a man enjoyed getting drunk on. And standing there, lifting her down from the stagecoach, he'd found himself getting drunk.It's really hard to talk about this book without spoilers, but ultimately Parting Gifts proves that family, love and commitment are all the really matter in the end. That life takes us on a journey in order to lead us to those we didn't even know we were looking for. Heath writes all these emotions and a insite into running an Inn with such amazing detail. You cannot help but fall for these characters and if you're like me you'll find tears in your eyes when you figure out what gift, Charles has for Maddie. He kissed her then as he'd never kissed her before: with the unequivocal knowledge that he could give to her all he had to give, ask of her all that she wanted to share. They were no longer thieves, stealing glances, craving touches, harboring forbidden feelings.