On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)

On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5) - Karina Halle First off, I love Dex and Perry. So if you're wondering what a book without either of those amazingly layered characters would be like then you'll find out when you read the first 3/4 of On Demon Wings. Because for lack of a better word, it sucked the big one. Here is the run down:First 3/4 = 2 starsLast 1/4 = 5 StarsSo that averages out to 3.5 stars... don't judge my fuzzy math :)I'm coming off my read of On Demon Wings a little jaded, i'll admit. I basically loathed most of this book. I mean, I love Perry but this Perry made my skin crawl and I didn't know how much I missed Dex until his quirky humor was missing. We didn't get those long looks between Dex & Perry or there quick humor or inside jokes. We got was Perry reeling from what took place at the end of Lying Season which just pissed me off. Who knew I could be so mad at a character that I love, but Dex you really had me mad. Sorry let me emotions cloud my review, like thats new...The story: This book scared the crap out of me. If you've read all the books up to this point then don't think that Skin-walkers or lepers we're scary... wait till you're inside this madness. Beside all the crazy creepy ghosts and demons we get a true sense to Ada. This little feisty 15 year old have found her way into my heart and I love what she does for Perry. Every girl should have a sister like Ada, she's funny, smart and always has your back. She's quirky and uses words like Cray Cray and douchecanoe. She's a 15 year old knock out with a 25 year old brain. I don't know what fine man is going to be gifted with that amazing women but I can't wait to find out. In conclusion, if you're a fan of the Experiment in Terror series then this is a must read. This book transitions the whole series. What happens next is only a guess but my hope is we get some resolutions between Dex & Perry and that more ghost hunting continues.