Spirit  - Brigid Kemmerer 4 stars...The first day you meet, you are friends. The next day, you are brothersWow... If you've read the previous Elemental books then you should know that in Spirit Ms. Kemmerer kicks it up a notch... You get more steam, more twist and turns and an ending that i'm still not sure about. This series is classified as Young Adult Paranormal Romance. I think readers either love YA books or they don't. I personally fall into the category of loving them if they're done right. In the Elemental Series, Ms. Kemmerer sure does not let me down. I think this series is a perfect start for an adult who wants to read young adult. It could be because these characters are so easy to relate to. The story is not so far fetched it's unbelievable and we as readers trust the journey. I'll admit, i'm not a huge Hunter, I think it's because I just didn't truly understand him until this book. You get to see Hunter in Spirit and he's really an amazingly layered character to add to the Merrick brothers amazingness. I feel for Hunter. He's torn between these two worlds and he's also a 16 year old boy. But he doesn't read like a 16 year old immature boy, not he reads like this boy who takes too much on his shoulders. He's torn between the past and pressent. He doesn't let anyone in but he holds so many at an arms reach. And here, in the middle of nowhere, there was no need to shield their abilities. His power surged and whispered against her skin. The air chilled and warmed her simultaneously, but she felt heat in his touch. The earth rejoiced that they were here, full of energy and talent and letting it ride out in streamers.Enter Kate... Sassy, smart, sexy but is she good or bad? We don't know for awhile but I loved her the moment we met her standing at the school office. Plus she quotes old eighties movies... um people, what's not to love?Was that a quote from The Breakfast Club? O_O Most people don’t get that one. My uncle loved eighties movies. I’ve seen them all. Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Wax on, wax off. I can’t believe I gave my panties to a geek. He froze. That one sent his thoughts in a dangerous direction. His phone buzzed. STOP THINKING ABOUT MY PANTIES. He grinned.Kate is more layered then just he amazing love for classic movies. She's a guide and her job is to hunt down Elemntals and kill them. Kate has her sights set for the Merrick Brothers but she runs into Hunter first.Michael stole the show for me... I cannot wait for his story and I simply adore him. In Spirit he's this father figure to Hunter. Hunter is pushing Michael away and his short to the point attitude is almost taken wrong by Hunter. Until he realizes what Michael is doing. I'm so curious about Hannah's and Michael's relationship... it's really killing me. A few pet peeves, I found myself a little irked at the ending or mainly the direction Kate's character took. I almost still cannot believe it or I don't want it to be true. I also thought the ending felt rushed, there is a lot of build up and then it's over. In conclusion, If you're a fan of the Elemental series and you've been waiting for Hunters book then you will not be disapointed. I know that Ms. Kemmerer pushed the envelope on this book and a few of those smoking hot scenes were so fun to read. I found Spirit to be such a fun book to read. In fact I always look forward to this series to take me away for the daily routine... so fun!I'm excited for [b:Siege|17149088|Siege (Elemental #4)|Brigid Kemmerer|/assets/nocover/60x80.png|23555633]...ARC courtesy of Kensington Books via Netgalley