Game (Jasper Dent, #2)

Game (Jasper Dent, #2) - Barry Lyga First off... Let me just warn you, this book ends in a big cliffhanger. I mean we don't now what's going to happen to several of our favorite characters and it honestly sucks. Thus the 4 star rating instead of 5... Consider yourself warned. Game is the second installment for the Jasper Dent Series, if you haven't read [b:I Hunt Killers|7766027|I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent, #1)|Barry Lyga||10644152] then you need to rush out and get it. This series is classified as young adult because Jasper is a 17 year old high school student, but the content is very mature. Be warned i'm assuming you'be read I hunt Killers so some spoiler with be revealed.“So, there’s a commie spy in the house looking for Dad, huh?” he said. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear myself say. “Don’t worry. I’m gonna go in there and run him out. He won’t dare come back by the time I’m done with him.” He brandished the ceremonial spade the priest had given him at the end of the service as though it were a samurai sword.Game begins with Jazz taking care of his Grandmother who's a hoot except for her racist remarks. Jasper is still reeling from his father the infamous Serial killer, Billy Dent escaping maximum security prison. Jaspers guilt spreads to how his father escaped and he's still rocked with dreams from his childhood and what Dear Old Dad may have taught him growing up. It's same old Jasper but he's found some confidence and something to do with his talent from finding the Impressionist. But that wasn’t it. Connie loved him despite his past, despite his darkness, not because of it. She saw in him a light, a light buried so deep that Jazz himself never saw it. But she did. Not always. There were hours and days and sometimes whole weeks that would go by where she lost track of it, but never had it failed to resurface. Connie believed in Jazz’s humanity more than he did.There's a new serial killer on the loose, Hat-Dog killer and he's terrorizing New York City and the NYPD come knocking on Jaspers door for help. This is where the story starts to take off because the story is not just about Jazz, but we're getting Howie and Connie's POV's in this story. They both become more of the story and we're even gifted with the killers POV. There are so many twists and turns in Game that I don't want to ruin anything. I will say that this book is slower than I hunt Killers. What I enjoyed was watching Jazz becoming more confident in his ability to get inside a killers mind and use what Dear Old Dad taught him for good. In Conclusion, Game is a solid continuation to the Jasper Dent Series. The alternating POV between Jazz, Connie and Howie added this urgency to the book. The ending has me a little irked because now I have to wait, who knows how long for this cliffhanger to be resolved. In the end, I love this series for it's mix of horror and humor. I cannot wait for the next in the series.They got all these emotions, Billy had told him once. Things like love and fear and compassion and regret. They got ’em deep inside, all twisty and tight like a knot of living snakes. They think they’re in control of themselves, but they really just do what the snakes tell them.-Billy Dent on People