Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley 2.5 Stars...Unfortunately for me Fire Inside was nothing new, It's the same old Alpha male that Ms. Ashley keeps writing about. Fire Inside felt like it was broken up into three stories:1. Hopper and Lanie having this one night stand relationship that just kept going and going... They found this passion that was lit inside them and though they're from vastly different upbringing they connected on a deep level. This part of the story I devoured. I took place during the first 4 chapters and I was hooked and just like many other Kristen Ashley Books that i've read, she took these characters and made me love them, flaws and all. 2. The games part. This is where Ashley lost me... How she writes characters thoughts is sometimes confusing. I was sure what Lanie wanted and believe me she has monsters under her bed, but there were so much back and forth going on that I was very frustrated. Lanie hurt Hop, Hop broke Lanie's heart and then somehow they did it again. Each time coming back together, I guess because they're mature characters (which I love about reading Kristen Ashley books) I thought they wouldn't play those games. 3. The HEA part... Where somehow everything works out and in the end it's all good. I have to say that I normally love an Ashley Epilogue and this one was cute but the end just wrapped everything up too nicely. I think that If you haven't read Shy and Tabby's story you'd be lost as to the Benito storyline because that wasn't really outlined very well.Here is what I loved: It seemed like I was ranting there, please don't get the wrong impression, I devour these books. They're always a fun read. I liked that Hop was more open and honest with Lanie. He was not the traditional KA alpha with his one liners, that somehow sum up so much in one small word "babe." Hope talked with Lanie, from the first moment, his honestly was fun to read. I loved Hop and Lanie's passion, Ashley writes these smoking hot scenes so deliciously. In conclusion, If you're looking for something light and fun with lots of passion, and a hot alpha biker than you cannot go wrong with Fire Inside. I'm curious to see who the next book will be about and what will happen to the Chaos club. ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.