Cut & Run (Cut & Run, #1)

Cut & Run (Cut & Run, #1) - Madeleine Urban,  Abigail Roux I feel like the odd girl out on this one... So many friends have raved about Cut & Run that my opinion of this book has me feeling a little ranty. Like that girl who hates everything and is a downer. I swear, I gave Cut & Run a chance, but there were some serious flaws with this book.1. The writing was choppy and if felt like it was written by two different authors. This gave the characters this misconnection. I loved Ty and I loved Zane but together they got lost in the story. Not a good story, I should mention. This serial killer that they're trying to find basically is not mentioned for half the book and then all of a sudden he's back? I knew the suspense aspect of this book was going to be mediocre but it really was just ridiculous.2. Ty and Zane... both macho men and I felt like they're personalities chanced so much in this book. Almost like they switched and Ty who was so crude and insensitive became the sensitive one in the end. Now i'm not implying that character cannot change, no way. Just that for this introductory book the basis for these characters was not established and thus I found it hard to form a connection to them emotionally. Having said that, the last quarter of the book made me more interested in their relationship because the plot stopped jumping around and we got to see them thru for who they are. 3. Inconsistencies plagued this book and also there we're some revolving themes that played over and over again. Zane's drug and alcohol abuse was almost tossed around in a light mannor and there was even on instance where Ty insisted that Zane be given some pain meds when he asked the EMT not to administer them. It was almost like Ty was dismissing Zane's desire to be sober. Then again, it was Zane who took heroine to ease the pain of a gun shot wound. Plus somehow each character was seriously injured 2 times each and not once did they go to the hospital. We get it, they're tuff FBI agents...All this ruined the fun for me. Trust me I wanted to like this book, I wanted to join the cool kids and gush and gush about Ty and Zane and how amazing they are and they just might be. I just couldn't get past the choppy writing and jumpy plot. This first book in the Cut & Run series did not impress me but I do reserve the right to give [b:Sticks & Stones|7314827|Sticks & Stones (Cut & Run, #2)|Abigail Roux||8833338] a chance.