The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - 5 Stars...I have had The Raven Boys on my Kindle waiting for me to read it for such a long time. You see I was a little gun shy because I read Ms. Stiefvater's Mercy Wolves Trilogy and although I enjoyed the first 2 books the final book was such a disappointment. Well, I can honestly say that I was pleasantly blown away by The Raven Boys. So if you've put this book off, like I have. Nows the time to take another look at this hidden gem. In The Raven Boys we meet Richard Gansey, at student at a prestigious all boys academy. He's rich, confident, good looking but also looking for the ley lines that will lead him to a long dead Welch king, that if found will grant him one wish. Then there is Blue, who has been told her whole life that she will kill her true loves. This has just always beent he truth and not until Blue goes out with her mothers friend and stumbles across a soon to be dead boy. That this premonition turnes into a warning and Blue is ultimately drawn to this boy. He smiled tolerantly at her. Rubbing his smooth chin with its recently assassinated chin hairs, he studied her. She barely came up to Ronan’s shoulder, but she was every bit as big as he, every bit as present. Gansey had a sense of incredible rightness, then, with everyone assembled by the Pig. Like Blue, not the ley line, was the missing piece that he’d been needing all these years, like the search for Glendower wasn’t truly underway until she was part of it. She was right like Ronan had been right, like Adam had been right, like Noah had been right. When each of them had joined him, he’d felt a rush of relief, and in the helicopter, he’d felt exactly the same way when he’d realized it was her voice on the recorder. There are two contrasticing types of characters in The Raven Boys, you have Blues quirky mother and her hilarious friends, Persephone and Calla. Just imagine, Practical Magic even with the drinking and funny moments. Then you have the deeply layered and beautifully interesting Raven Boys, Gansey, Noah, Ronan and Adam. All on the hunt to help Gansey find the long dead Welch king, Glendower. These boys are rich, privileged but they don't come across that way. In fact most of the book focuses on the Raven Boys interaction and their relationship. What I've always liked about Ms. Stiefvater's writing was the way she weaves this magical stories in such a way that you almost feel the magic happening in The Raven Boys. It's not so far fetched that in this small Virginia town these people would all be looking for this long dead Welch King. It may be because the characters are not perfect, they're flawed in such different ways that this rag tag group are all the pieces of the puzzel. They just fit. I basically read this book in 24 hours and really could not put it down. So to say i'm eagerly anticipating the second book, [b:The Dream Thieves|17347389|The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)|Maggie Stiefvater||21598446] would be an understatement. This goes on my favorite list for 2013... A must read!