Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise - Simone Elkeles I liked Return to Paradise >/i> more than Leaving Paradise and that's not usually the case with realistic young adult fiction. We find Caleb 8 months later in Chicago and he's in trouble again. Damen gives him the opportunity to tell his story of driving drunk and hitting Maggie with his car to groups around the area. Guess who just happens to be there... yep Maggie. She's more confident now, not scared to let people see her limp but she's not over Caleb. What happens when two people who don't think they should be together travel in a bus lecturing other students about the dangers of driving and driving?Lot's of kissing and lots of back and forth. I loved that damaged Caleb was not quick to change his ways but under it all he really did want what was best for Maggie. He just didn't know it was him. Maggie, got so much stronger in this book and at times it almost brought a tear to my eye because she's been trough so much.