The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1)

The Siren  - Tiffany Reisz Received this book from NetGalley to review. Nora…the siren and the goddess, the ship and the wine-dark sea. She would either save him or end him. Right now, with her words singing in his ears, he didn’t really care which.The Siren is an modern day erotic version of My Fair Lady. Nora Sutherlin’s is a writer in need of a smart, demanding and influential Editor. Enter Zachary Easton. Nora’s Erotic writing is truly beneath him but his marriage has ended, his career is taking off and there is something about Nora that Zach cannot deny attracts him to her. They have six weeks to pull this off…This isn’t you mama’s romance novel. The Siren is dark, it’s brutal and it’s all for shock value. Lets just pretend the author didn’t compare this novel to My Fair Lady, one of my favorite movies of all time. To me there cannot be a comparison. This book is really about damaged people. The systematic suffering Nora endured at the hands of Soren. The Siren is really about three relationships: Nora and Wes, Nora and Zach and finally Nora and Soren.None of these relationships are healthy.None of them turn out the way you think.Nora and WesleyA million times perhaps Nora had imagined what it would be like to finally kiss him. But as they grew to be best friends she’d tried to stop thinking of him like that. Their friendship was too fragile—it rested on the edge of a knife’s blade. Her resolve to love him without making love to him wavered at times, but her profound respect for him kept dragging her wayward heart and body back in line.Wesley is a nineteen-year-old virgin who interns for Nora. He lives with her and is madly and utterly in love with her from the moment they meet. Their relationship is complicated because Nora is still working her ‘other’ job and Wes does not approve. This dynamic between them, the hurt and Nora’s inability to give Wes what he truly needs was fascinating to read. You see in Nora’s twisted damaged logic Wes is this perfect thing. She cannot imagine staining him with her darkness. Nora and Zachary“Hurt but do not harm?” Zach asked. “What’s the difference?” “Hurt is a bruise on the outside.” Nora sipped her mineral water delicately. “Harm is a bruise on the inside. If you’re a masochist, pain feels like love to you. Not being hurt is what hurts.”Zachary is still in love with his wife, Grace. That should have been the end of the tale between Nora and Zach but Nora has the ability to bring out Zach’s inner dominance. In a way their relationship could be looked at as therapy, Nora helps Zach ultimately realize his true feeling but that road is long and truly messed up. I felt the writing that involved Zach’s storyline was drawn out and parts were unnecessary. I did however find Nora teaching Zachary the world of BDSM fascinating. This is where Reisz really held my attention. I felt that she was able to weave the world of S & M in such a way that she didn’t glorify it but made it believable to someone who’s never been in a club or relationship like that. “She set her keyboard aside and turned to face him for the first time. “I do love a man with a big vocabulary.” “Nora and Soren“Why? Søren has loved me since the day we met. He’s loved me since I was fifteen years old. He’s loved me without fear, without guilt, without failing and without flinching every day of my life.” She opened her eyes again and looked at him. “He’s the only man who never hurt me.” When a person in a position of power takes a girl of 15 and shows her the world of BDSM and grooms her to be his ‘slave’ that is abuse. Yes, Soren and Nora’s relationship is rooted in madness. I do believe that they love each other. Ultimately in the end none of that matters, because the damage has already been done. The Siren does not glorify this type of relationship but it’s clear that Nora is the person she is because of her relationship with Soren. Time sharpened the edge of her love for him. It cut into her more and more with each passing year. I just can’t help but wonder, who would Nora have turned into with out Soren’s influence?Would she have been able to give Wes her mind, body and spirit?Did Zachary make Nora a better writer?Finally, The Siren is beautiful written, filled with darkness and hurt. I just could not connect with some of the characters. I understood Nora’s pain, that it was rooted in her love for Soren. I just felt that him being a Catholic Priest was more for shock value. The Siren is book 1 in the Original Sinners Series.