City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #3)

City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #3) - Stacia Kane Would this endless mind-fuck ever end? This is the book i've been longing for. If you're a fan of Chess and Terrible, then this is the book you've been hoping for. First off this review is going to suck. My head is still too full of what happened and I feel a little shell shocked. It's so lame to say but, so much happens in this book. It almost blew my mind. Magical moments where Chess got out of some Ghostly situations that you thought were impossible. Heartbreaking moments with Terrible, that had to chip away at his anger and hurt.At the same time, that pride was still there. Yeah, she had done it. She had said it right to his face. She’d been terrified but she’d done it, she’d said those words that she’d never said before—at least, never said them and meant them. I think what I enjoy most about reading the Downside Ghost Series are the subtle ways that we see Chess fall deeper into her addiction. Her taking 4 cept instead of 3. Her longing for the smoke filled room and her dreams of being able to reward herself from a long hard days work by loosing herself in them. How Terrible wont forgive her. She messed up, she knows it and he knows it but little by little Chess chips away at him. Her messed up past makes these moments all the more sweeter and I found myself longing for them to be cruising down the streets of Downtown in Terrible's Chevelle listening to music and quietly sitting next to each other while desire and hope pulses between them.Chess lied to herself every day; it was just something she did, like taking her pills or making sure she had a pen in her bag. Little lies, mostly. Insignificant. Of course there were big ones there, too, like telling herself that she was more than just a junkie who got lucky enough to possess a talent not everyone had. That she was alone by choice and that she was not terrified of other people because they couldn’t be trusted, because they carried filth in their minds and pain in their hands and they would smear both all over her given half the chance. Chess broke my heart in this book. Honestly, she made me cry more than once. Her desperation was right there on the pages and my heart bled for her. For her past, how she's messed up and mainly because she really doesn't know any better. Chess is just doing the best that she can - at times it's just too hard to read.In closing, read this book. It's wonderful and has everything a great Urban Fantasy novel should. A kick ass Ghost hunter, sexy as hell side kicks (yeah, 2) and a budding romance to rock the ages.