When Tony Met Adam (Short Story)

When Tony Met Adam (Short Story) - Suzanne Brockmann 4 steamy stars...At the end of [b:All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas|414692|All Through the Night A Troubleshooter Christmas (Troubleshooters, #12)|Suzanne Brockmann|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1266548139s/414692.jpg|1863521] we get this little scene where Adam is leaving Jules and Robins Boston Townhouse. He's upset, heartbroken and at a low point in his life. He steps past some SEALS on his way to the airport to fly back to LA... when one SEAL steps out of the group and want's to know if he's Adam? That's the moment that Tony met Adam... In When Tony Met Adam we get to see what happens after that fateful meeting. Not only to Adam when he returns to his solitary life back in LA. Tony as he struggles with his inability to come out of the closet because of Don't Ask - Don't Tell in the military. Their story is sweet, it's real and I began to really understand why Adam is the way he is and my heart felt for him. I'll admit he's really pissed me off in the past books but something clicked and you could feel Adams hurt and pain coming off the pages. Minor complaint... I wanted more! I could have read a whole book about Adam and Tony meeting and how the SEAL team reacted to their relationship or even how Adam delt with Tony having to be gone so much. My other little pet peeve is the steam factor, it's not what you think. Adam and Tony's book is hot! That part was fun to read but it made me wish that Jules and Robin got the same thing...In conclusion this was a fun snippet into the life of Adam and Tony. I loved seeing the SEAL team and how they felt for Tony having to hide that part of himself from everyone. The interactions between Tony and Adam were fun to read and I loved how honest and straight forward Tony was. My only hope is this is not the last we'll see of this new couple and knowing Brockmann my guess is it's not.