Siege  (As The World Dies, #3) - Rhiannon Frater Perfect ending to an heart stopping, pulse racing, laugh out loud funny Trilogy by Ms. Frater. 5 stars... “So many ways to die,” Jenni said with a sigh from the backseat.I find myself feeling like i've just stood on top the old hotel while a Siege of Zombies is racing towards the fort, my fate unknown and the ones I love, lives hang in the balance. Yes, I know this is just a book... but I became emotionally connected to these characters and unfortunately no one is left unscathed in the final book in the As the World Dies Trilogy... No one!“You are standing on the brink of a new world. Whether the dead or the living rule will be decided. I know you think of yourselves just as survivors, but you are more than that. You are the new Eden. You are the new beginning. There are other enclaves of survivors, but this is the place that was chosen to give birth to a new world. The choices you make tomorrow have ramifications far beyond what you can understand or see.” Amazing Characters fill the pages of Siege some you love and some you love to hate but we get and deeper view into those characters that will always our personal favorites. Here are mine and why I just love them... Jenni, damaged, raw, young at heart and truly nieve at times. She doesn't quit. her life changed drastically the day the zombies took over the world and for her it was a turning point, no longer was she a victim of an abusive husband and from that moment forward Jenni grabbed life and lived it. Ms. Frater wrote her so amazingly well, deeply layered and flawed beyond belief. It really was the connection between Jenni and Katie that sealed the deal for me. They have a friendship forged out of survival, a need to live another day but also a deep and lasting love for each other. Katie is strong, confident, beautiful and a heartbroken survivor. In this story Katie has followed her heart and is married and pregnant with Travis's child. Taking on this new world with everything she has, her and Travis have a deep emotional relationship forged out of friendship and love. Bill, police officer and widower, he's still reeling from the loss of his wife to cancer. Bill is transformed by this new world, in a way it gave him his life back or something to live for. He's vital to the Fort, he keeps the people safe and law and order. There is a new character, Rune who comes into this story and shakes things up a bit, he's a medium, yeah like, "I see dead people." In a world filled with zombies and a huge portion of the population is now dead, there are a lot of ghosts out there. Rune, is a bad ass 40 something biker with a heart of gold. He makes his way to the Fort with a bag of grenades and a goatee, finds his way into the hearts of this group.I cannot forget Calhoun, old crazy clone conspiracy theorist that in the end may have been right. He took us back to the laughing even when the Fort was faced with unimaginable odds. You can only really understand him from Ms. Frater words because mine cannot describe what a valuable character he is to this story.“Dear God, woman! Do you understand the gravity of what I am doing? No, you do not! I am trying to make this fort safe from the messed-up clones.” Calhoun pointed down at the corpse in the road. “They don’t even have the decency to cover their junk. Heathens!” “We need milk and eggs anyway,” Calhoun said. “Keeps our brains sharp against the aliens. ’Sides, army’s been circling my farm. Don’t need them taking my stuff,” Calhoun said darkly. “Don’t take kindly to martial law. Didn’t vote for that yokel in the White House.” Nerit, ohh man... I have never wanted to be a 60 something ex-Israeli sniper in my whole life. The women is my hero, she's strong, confident, loved by many, protective of those she cares about and never - I mean NEVER quits. She was like a mother to Jenni and Katie. Nerit took over protecting the Fort, she taught so many of it's citizens how to arm and protect themselves and she was the one that made a sniper out a Katerina. The women rocks!! Plus half the men in the fort, young and old are trying to get in her pants - Love her!! “My boys were hoping I’d ask you out,” Ed said casually. Nerit choked on her smoke. Ed continued, “I told them that you’re too much of a man for me. That you could probably kick my ass ten ways till Sunday.” Half-coughing, half-laughing, Nerit grinned. “Probably.” Fantastic group dynamics. Can we all say it together "Sociology experiment." Very nice... The Psychologist part of my brain could not look past the interesting group dynamics that the Fort presented. For one, you have a group of people with different beliefs, values, morals and even sexual orientation all gathered together and forced to get alone and survive. I have to say that the Fort became the new Main street USA for many people and at the end of this book several characters really showed their true colors (don't want to spoil anything). Second, how do you feed, clothe, wash, and emotionally support 200 plus people is one small confined environment without fights, rioting or even violence? The leaders of the Fort did this by making the residences feel useful and needed, everyone had a job and everyone participated in the upkeep and safety of their new community. Now at times, this felt too good to be true and in a way it was. But it was still fun to read...Heart stopping action filled the pages of Siege. To the point that the end was a little anti climatic for me. You see there are so many amazing characters lost in the pages of this book that I was laughing one moment and then crying the next. These characters did not go down quietly, i'm proud to say. Each had one heroic death after the other and I was so worn out after reading this book, I almost needed a nap. Ms. Frater brings you to the edge of your seat time and time again, throwing your favorite character, who may have just found the women/man of her dreams, reunited with a loved one or has finally come to terms with living in this new world to ultimately die. Many made choices that shocked me and many sacrificed their lives to save the fort. In the end, my pulse raced and my tears flowed but I could not take my eyes away from the page.“Up close and personal decapitations of the zombie kind. I went whacky-whacky with my trusty ax.” In clonclusion, I loved this series, may go down as one of my favorite Zombie series of all time. Mainly because it had everything: Non-stop action, kick ass female heroins, strong cast of characters, and very very funny.They would continue to rebuild, to bring a new world out of the ashes of the old. It was a wonderful world to bring their daughter into. The new parents gazed down at their newborn in awe. Bryce yawned—a tiny pink sigh—as she dozed off. “Welcome to the new world,” Katie said to her sleeping infant.