The Newcomer

The Newcomer (Thunder Point) - Robyn Carr 2 stars...Sitting here thinking about Newcomer, i've come to the conclusion that Ms. Carr just wrote a very long novella or filler book for this new series. Lots of things happen but ultimately the story between Gina & Mac and Cooper & Sarah does not progress until the last quarter of the book. We spend 200+ pages focused on the younger kids, Ashley, Eve, Landon and Frank. Not that I minded, I liked their experiences but in the end I was left wondering who the "Newcomer" really was?I think what bothered me the most was the feeling of nothing changing... I enjoyed The Wanderer and fell in love with Thunder Point, this small Oregon coastal town where everyone knows each other. I also loved Ms. Carr's Virgin River series but Thunder Point is no Virgin River and I had so many hopes for this series. Ultimatly, Newcomer is filled with fluff and not the good kind, I found myself skimming at times and there should have been some serious editing because the story seemed to wander. In the end i'm a little upset I spent my time reading a book the ended up going no where. Not sure if i'll read [b:The Hero|17348314|The Hero (Thunder Point, #3)|Robyn Carr||23910557].ARC courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review