Headed for Trouble

Headed for Trouble - Suzanne Brockmann If you're a fan of the Troubleshooters Series and you've read all the books and haven't yet picked up Headed for Trouble then you're missing out... big time. Never before have I read a book like this, that is all about the fans. This book is filled with little snippets of our beloved characters, those side or back stories that took place when another major event happened. My emotions ran the gamete while reading this book. I cried, laughed and then cried happy tears. There were several short stores but my favorites were...Sam in agony over being apart from Alyssa when she's in harms way. Talk about heart breaking but also sexy. We get to see Sam at home with his daughter playing daddy while his heart is hundreds of miles away residing in the hands of Alyssa Locke. You know he's not worried about her ability to protect herself, no that's not it. He just wants to be at her six protecting her the only way he knows how. More Jules and Sam bromance moments. These two men couldn't be more different in some way but in others they're so alike. This is a friendship forged thru so many books and countless moments where they've saved each other and the ones they both love dearly. Under all this action is a story of friendship and mutual respect. Sam never ceses to amazing me when he opens up to Jules. “You have no idea how much I appreciate your friendship,” Jules said. Sam held out several bills. “Yeah, actually I do,” he said. “It’s probably as much as I appreciate yours.”Brockmanns interview with Jenk, Izzy, Lopez and Gillman that had me holding my side laughing so hard. Izzy has got to be my favorite character and i'll just leave you with this quote from Jenk... JENK: Here’s how you know you’re gonna be the hero of her next book. Ready for this? (They nod.) JENK: You stop having sex.At the end of Hot Pursuit, we know that Alyssa is going on a mission to Afganistan to be part of the team to help protect the president when he goes there for a visit. It's clean that Sam and Alyssa cannot go on ops together because of little Ash so they put a plan in place to make it a vacation for Sam, Gina and Robin... In Headed for Trouble you get this story and it's not what I expected at all. Somehow Ms. Brockmann is able to capture parenthood so perfectly, it's a huge cluster sometimes and you've always got to be ready for the unexpected. This was hands down my favorite short in this book. Ultimately Headed for Trouble was Ms. Brockmann way of honoring our armed forces. I would argue that she does that with every book but there was an underline theme thru all the novellas. Soldiers being away from the ones they love in order to protect the country they love. Those holidays, birthdays and special moments that are missed while gone. The ones left at home to facilitate the every day life struggles without their partner as support. That every goodbye could be the last kiss or hug. Those are powerful moments, that those who get to sit under the flag of freedom tend to forget because it's not in our face everyday. As she gazed into her own eyes, they welled with tears. And for those few brief moments, before Maggie emerged from the bathroom, Arlene allowed herself to acknowledge the dreadful fact—a terrible possibility—that this might be it for her. When she said goodbye to her daughter at the airport, it might be for the very last time. She might never come home again. But there were tens of thousands of servicemen and -women out there, just like her, who had said goodbye to their sons and daughters, their husbands and wives, their mothers and fathers and families, uncertain as to their own futures. That was always the case when one served one’s country.At the end of Headed for Trouble there is Q/A section. One of the questions was about Brockmann waving the 'Rainbow flag' and I thought she answered it perfectly. I'll leave you with this quote. In away in sums up these novellas. I believe strongly that my books are entertainment. I hope you might learn a thing or two while reading them, but first and foremost, my job is to entertain you. If I’m waving a flag in Hot Target, it’s the same flag I’ve always waved in all my books—the American flag. And that’s a flag that’s supposed to stand for acceptance and understanding. For freedom for all—and not just freedom for all Americans, but freedom for all of the diverse and wonderful people living on this planet; freedom to live their lives according to their definitions of freedom. It’s a flag that’s supposed to stand for real American values like honor and honesty and peace and love and hope.