Red Fox (An Experiment in Terror)

Red Fox - Karina Halle I shrugged. "To be fair, you don't know me all that well." "This is true. But there's something you're not telling me." It was my turn to laugh. "There are many things I'm not telling you." He peered at me, his brown eyes glinted like black stones. A flicker of intensity ran across them. "I'll get to the bottom of you before this is all over."This is the second book in the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle and boy has this series taken a hold of me. I've turned into one of those rabid fans just wanting a little bit more of Dex and Perry. Just one more funny moment, where you're scared and nervous but they keep it real. "Dex," I whispered. "Mmmm?" he grunted. "I hope you never stop feeling alive." I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed. "As long as you're around," he said softly, "I'll be alive."If you were creeped out by Darkhouse and all the ghost sightings well then hold on because in Red Fox we take the madness on the road and ender New Mexico... I'm just going to say that Ms. Halle takes the terror up a notch and I was clutching my Kindle unable to look away for fear i'd miss somehting important. Like I said before in my Darkhouse review, i'm not a terror/suspense reading so this is me stepping out of proverbial box and it's fun! In Red Fox, who you think is bad may be good and who you trust you shouldn't and that makes for fun reading. What Red Fox gets us as fans of Dex & Perry is closer to them in all ways. We get to understand a little more why Dex does the things he does. We see Perry vulnerable and flirty and that's fun too. In the end, I don't want to spoil anything but this "relationship" is just starting and I fear we'll have many books ahead where these tow are still clueless about love.I leave you with a few funny Dex-isms..."We don't need conversations starters, kiddo.""I'm a hot-blooded mammal. You're a cold-blooded reptile. Do the math." "Reptiles need love too.""You can leave," Rudy said. "Leave tonight." "No way," Dex objected. "No fucking way, Dr. Spooks."