Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1)

Down to You - M. Leighton When I read the last word in the last sentence of Down to You I was left with this feeling of an unfinished story and honestly I was pissed. Having been talked off the ledge from Shanna, I'm now able to understand that this cliffhanger is not just there to piss me off but to show that the story is not over and that we're just beginning to know Cash, Nash and Olivia.Let's start with the good stuff...Down to You is hot, fluffy and easy to read. It's a short little morsel of smokin' goodness. Cash and Nash are hot in their own right. Both pleasing to the eye but also each aspect of their personalities is attractive. Funny moments spread throughout this story, Ginger (Seriously? I cannot help but think of a red headed bombshell) is one crazy funny friend to Olivia. She is the Yin to Olivia's think too much in her head, Yang. They balance each other out and share a history together. Hot sex! Half the time, I just wanted them to make it to a bed but the other part of me loved the adventurist side of them. I mean we are reading fiction...Things that made me of Hmmm?...Raunchy girl comments - Not sure why in books lately that women have to be just a crude as the men but sometimes I'm taken back by it. I'm not a prude but I often feel that this is done for pure shock value and does not add to the story. Lame one-liners - I get wrapped up in the romance of a great book but this one had me stepping out of my dreamy sigh to say, "What?" These types of one-liners didn't add to the story and I felt they made the writing feel choppy and not thought through. He’s got me shaken and stirred.The Nash/Cash Storyline - While I see the beauty in dating two hot guys who happen to be twins as a great premis to a book, I just felt that this was so transparent. I mean, I knew what the deal was by Chapter 2 and this just made me look at Olivia with more destain because she didn't catch on sooner. Plus the M. Leighton left some not so subtle hints along the way.“You’re not the misfit. I am. I’m the one masquerading as something I’m not,” he says pensively.Conclusion - Great short story that took my mind off my busy hectic life. If you can look past some of it's faults and focus on the hot smoldering Cash and Nash then you'll really enjoy Down to You. I know that i'm looking forward to the next book in this series because this first books seems like just the beginning.