Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound, #1)

Pride Mates  - Jennifer Ashley This is my first Jennifer Ashley book, not really sure what I think about it. Here is what I liked about it:I thought the concept was unique, shifters that live out in the open and wear a collar that prevents them from harming anyone. They cannot watch major news or sports channels, not internet or even go to college. Shifters decided 20 years ago to wear these collars in hopes of saving their species. I enjoyed the romance between Liam and Kim.What I didn't like:The romance felt rushed... they met, she was in danger, so he mated her. Parts were choppy and lacking depth. Other times I just felt like I'd lost my emotional connection to Liam and Kim. Not sure if i'm going to read the next in the series, although I would like to find out more about Seans tortured soul.