Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane “It’s all very deliciously diabolical, my friend.” Sometimes a book just grabs you, right from the start and moves you through the pages with easy and satisfying comfort. I found this to be true with Mind Games the first book in the The Disillusionists Series. More times that not, when I start a new Urban Fantasy series the first book has me scratching my head and reciting my UF first book motto "Keep reading... Keep reading..." Well, I didn't have to scratch my head once reading Mind Games. Nope, I didn't feel lost or out of the loop, like the uncool kid in hight school. Somehow Miss Crane was able to introduce the world of Justine Jones, hypochondriac and Disillusionist in such a smooth seamless way that I never once was lost. Justine Jones, what a character to write, how fun to take a women, smart, bright and make her a hypochondriac. It's brilliant really because Miss jones alone would be too perfect, just the "medium pretty" that she is paired with her seemingly easy life would have UF fans everywhere not being able to relate to her. That's where Miss Crane brings her down a notch to a more human level with her belief that like her mom she's going to die from a Vein-Star aneurysm. This little blood vesil in her brain is pumping and one day it's going to be the end to everything she knows. It consumes parts of her life, leads to her the ER in the middle of the night but also gives Justine a unique understanding into how others think about disease. She's not perfect or believe that she's indivincable. Her fear is palpable but she pushes through it with conviction in what she believe is right and true. Fashion magazine disease articles. My personal kryptonite.Great cast of characters is another reason this series is so easy to get under your skin. My favorite is Packard. Yeah, i'm sure all the ladies love him and he also worked his magic on me and even after finishing this book, he's still my favorite (I don't trust that other guy :) Some men are handsome in a sculptural, symmetrical way, but the restaurateur’s good looks come from imperfection: bumpy, maybe once-broken nose, crudely shaped lips, a sort of rough-and-tumble allure you can feel sure as gravity. He draws closer, and I become acutely aware of my pulse pounding. I like that Justine figured out so much in this book, so much is revealed but in a way that is natural. In other UF series we wait sometimes 4 books to finally understand who the real player are, by the end of Mind Games you'll have a layout of who's who. The problem is, i'm sure that most of these player are not who/what they seem. I was transfixed by the way Carolyn Crane describes her characters interactions. Emotions are worded in such a natural way, you almost feel like this conversations is taking place in reality. Honestly, she's a master at this. This leads the reader to become fully invested in Packard and Justine. Reading is such a favorite pastime of mine because the idea of being inside someones head is just fascinating. I got that feeling while reading Mind Games. That's the best compliment I can give.Soon we’re sitting together in her office, embarking on the most dangerous voyage a hypochondriac can take: the online odyssey to rule out a condition, which is like trying to rule out the probability of getting sucked into quicksand by standing in it. She scratches her arm now and then. Osiris virus patients often become so focused on the sensations of their skin that they create their own lesions. Most get diagnosed with delusional parisitosis. I watch and wait, breathing in her floral perfume. Conclusion: Solid first book in a Urband Fantasy Series, great foundation for future books with the ability to grab the reading and take them on a beautifully ride. A heroin who's flawed but ultimatly good and a cast of character to leave you swooning but also wondering if he's on the right side and more importantly what side is the good side? Looks like we'll have to read [b:Double Cross|7759629|Double Cross (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #2)|Carolyn Crane|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320472137s/7759629.jpg|10622077]