Where You Are (Between the Lines #2)

Where You Are  - Tammara Webber Where You Are starts off right where Between the Lines ends and let me tell you it's an emotional ride from there. In the end I was left wanting more Emma and Graham moments, yes i'm a little greedy sometimes.Reid, well let's just say that bad boy sure has a long road ahead of him. I tried so hard to hate him, he's a manipulative, stuck up rich kid that's been catered to his whole life and does not think twice about making trouble for his 'friends.' In the end I felt sorry for Reid. His father a workaholic and his mother is an alcoholic and he's been left by himself for so long.Brooke, man what a bitch. I know, I shouldn't say that but I've never wanted to slap someone like I wanted to smack her. Graham, was the highlight of this book and I felt that he took on his responsibilities with honor and that just made me love him more. Plus, he was always honest with Emma, even when it was hard. Emma, Well let's just say this (me) Sacramento native loved hearing about her city in a positive way. Plus I just wanted to be Emma, confident and loving but she also stood up for herself and went after what she wanted. Great female heroine. I also enjoyed the friendship between Emily and Emma, these ladies supported and stood by each other and their banter and honesty just made me smile.I can't wait to read Reid's book, Good for You this has to be an extra special lady to break through the ice surrounding his heart.