Rock Chick

Rock Chick  - Kristen Ashley 4 things you should know about Rock Chick before you start:It's funnyI mean, I laughed so hard out laud while reading this book that I had to read passages to my lovely husband and even he thought they were funny. Parts kept me up at night, I wanted to read what the next crazy thing would happen. “Tex, it’s Girls Night Out. We talk about needing to lose weight while we drink and eat a lot. We talk about how all men are scum and lazy and useless, mostly Marianne’s ex-husband who is scum and lazy and useless and a rat bastard to boot. Last, we gossip about people pretending we’re trying to be thoughtful and caring as we rip their lives to shreds. Then we hug and go home. That’s it. Girl’s Night Out.”“What’re you doing? Collecting the straight, super-macho Village People?“I get to be Veronica,” Ally said instantly. I turned to her. “Why do you get to be Veronica?” I didn’t want to be Betty, Betty was a doormat. Veronica had attitude. “I’m so Veronica,” Ally said in answer. “Unh,” the hit man groaned. Ally didn’t understand the beauty of coffee. She preferred tequila.Indy Rocks!You cannot help but fall for India Savage. She's a Rock Chick for heavens sake and loyal as the day is long. Yes, she gets into trouble but it's all to help the ones she loves. She's been in Love with Lee since he held her had at her mothers funeral when she was 5 years old. She drinks coffee like it's going out of style and wears her Rock Chick gear proudly.You see, my grandmother was a hellion, she’d raised a hellion in my Mom, Katherine, and she and Dad carefully oversaw raising the third-generation hellion that was me. “That said, I am what I am. I’m still a wild child, I still do stupid, crazy things. I listen to rock ‘n’ roll, loud. I lip sync with drag queens. I find it fun to try to out-attitude the Sushi Den hostesses and sometimes, Ally and me even joyride around Denver. I haven’t changed and you can’t control me. If you even want to, I’m gone.”We’re both thirty years old, with Ally two weeks younger than me. We’d be eighty and wearing denim mini-skirts and I’m-with-the-band t-shirts, I foresaw this for our future and even though I thought it was cool, it also kinda scared me. Bad Boy Lee NightingaleUmm, Lee's hot! He's an alpha commando bas ass, but not the type to just tell Indy what to do. Lee has the ability to know when he's wrong and apologize, it's really a beautiful thing. Like Indy he's loyal, strong, protective and family means everything to Lee.Lee’s another story altogether, Lee’s a Bad Boy with capital Bs. ...Liam Nightingale still has killer good looks only slightly marred by a small, crescent moon scar under his left eye. He also still has a killer bod that looks great in jeans, great in sweats, great in suits, great in anything. He also still has a killer smile on the odd occasions he flashes it. And finally, he also still likes women with lots of T&A and lots of hair (and I was still a woman just like that). But he’s also dangerous. I don’t know how to explain this, he just is, trust me. “You’re tellin’ me that since you were sixteen you’ve been sittin’ next to me every year at Christmas Dinner wearin’ underwear like this?” Rock 'n' RollIf you grew up listening to Rock 'n' Roll then this Rock Chick takes your favorite music and puts it into this funny sexy book. Kristen Ashley did an amazing job incorporating all kinds of rock 'n' roll into the story. Music is an intricate part of my daily life and their are moments off utter joy that are paired with music. You know, when that song come on the radio and you are transported back to your first kiss. I ran my finger down them, Carlos Santana, The Eagles, Heart, War, Neil Young, George Thorogood, Thin Lizzy, The Allman Brothers Band, Molly Hatchet, BTO… it was rock ‘n’ roll nirvana. This was a serious, life changing moment and I needed Van Halen. No, no Van Halen wasn’t going to do. This was a Metallica Moment.Don't forget about friendship... I mean what would Rock Chicks do without their girlfriends and Ally and India learned from the best, their moms. This is the quote that made me cry, so sweet!“I, Katherine Maria Basore and I, Kathryn Susannah Milligan do solemnly swear to stay best friends forever. No matter what. Even if Curt Zacharus asks Kitty Sue to go with him even though Katie is in love with him and wants to kiss him with tongues. This is the strength of our Bestest Best Friendom. We will get married in a double ceremony and live in houses with white picket fences that are right next door to each other. When we have children, they will play together and one day, they will get married so we can be related for real. The End.” “Sometimes,” Kitty Sue broke the silence, “I forget and pick up the phone to call her. Still. After all these years… it seems like just yesterday.” I'm hooked again! Kristen Ashley has a loyal reader for life. I can't wait to read the next Rock Chick book... I'll bring the cashews.