Callum & Harper

Callum & Harper - Fisher Amelie 4.5/5 stars.We meet Harper Bailey and Callum Tate outside the social services office in New York City. They both have ‘timed out’ of the foster care system and have nowhere to else to go. Harper’s mother left her at a hospital when she was a baby, she never knew her biological father and was bounced around one foster home after another till she turned 18 and now one wanted her. Callum was born of love to parents who doted on him, unfortunately when they die in a car accident he was left an orphan and a ward of the state. Both are damaged. Both have no one to lean on. Both have nowhere to go. Somehow they find each other at just the right time.Callum & Harper can best be described as a ‘slow burn’ there is no easy escape here, no quick fix, this is a long heart wrenching journey to oblivion. It’s a testament to a great writer that they can evoke strong emotions in you while reading their book. I cried, laughed and cried again while reading Callum & Harper. I wanted to throw my Nook into the wall because they were being so stubborn (but I love my Nook way too much for that :). Parts were over the top and way too perfect and cute for words. Life does not work that way, or at least I haven’t found it so. In the end we read books to escape reality, to live in a world where love and friendship should be above everything else. This is my first book by Fisher Amelie and I enjoyed her writing style. It’s clean, crisp and to the point. She writes Callum & Harper from both of their point of view and that’s the beauty and heartbreak in there journey. You’re the only one that knows the level of their love and they’re too damaged to realize what they have.