Love's Rhythm (Heart of Fame)

Love's Rhythm - Lexxie Couper God, he missed doing the dishes. How surreal was that? He missed talking to Lauren about her day as he wiped the suds off their freshly washed plates.Love’s Rhythm is sweet, short and filled with breathless moments of love. I was going to say passion and that’s also true but unlike some contemporary romance/erotica that lack layered characters or plot, Love’s Rhythm found its… rhythm. I couldn’t help myself. 4 solid stars.Okay, seriously, I liked this book more than I thought I would. You couldn’t help but fall for Nick and his reformed bad boy ways. Because any man that goes back to the women he truly loves and hasn’t for one moment stopped dreaming about is just hot. Then there is Lauren, a sweet Kindergarten teacher with a teenage son. She honest, loves her son but hasn’t ever gotten over Nick. He swallowed, suddenly completely unsure what to do next. His stare found its way to Lauren’s face, to her soft lips, her clean blue eyes. For the first time he noticed fine lines at their edges, lines that told him of a life lived without him. They looked beautiful on her. Beautiful and secretive and compelling.I loved how Nick saw, Lauren. How the years between them were not a burden but a mystery he just had to know. His understanding of the life she build with him gone and the fact that Nick didn’t want to upturn that only added more value to the story. Her name played over his senses, soft and gentle like her, teasing him just like she had all the way though high school