Noah (5th Street, #1)

Noah (5th Street, #1) - Elizabeth Reyes 3.5 stars. Noah is the first book in the 5th Street Series or a rag tag group of friends who consider each other more like a family.What first grabbed me while reading Noah was Elizabeth Reyes vivid description of depression and how Veronica Cruz was able to bring herself back from it. Her desire to reclame what she lost during that dark time and find some independence was refreshing to read. Keep in mind this is not a dark read but light and fun.There is an interesting cast of characters that we are introduced in Noah.In one corner we have:Veronica - 28, single, took care of her dying mother for 2 years and gains some 40 lbs. She's not a girlie girl and is finally getting her life back together from her mothers passing.Nellie - Roni's BFF since they were little girls, she's got her own issues (Major, OMG! moment!). She's got a sleazy husband and I hope somewhere in this series Nellie get's her own HEA.In the other corner we have:Noah - 20, boxer/trainer and heavyweight, he's an orphan and never really had any blood family. He's sexy, smart and not letting Ronie go without a fight.Gio - Noah's best friend, boxer, with a face to die for and the eyes to get lost in. He's got 2 younger sisters and always has Noah's back.Hector - He's 16, learning where his place is and he's Abel's younger brother. His fighting career is just starting but he's got potential.Abel - Owner of the 5th Street Gym, friend and supporter of Noah, Gio and older brother to Hector. When you mix these characters you get an engaging novel where Veronica is trying to keep Noah at an arms length while she 'figures' out her feelings. No book is perfect and unfortunately in Contemporary Romance novels authors do this back and forth with characters witholding information from each other. This just kind of annoyed me in this book and I think it reflected on Noah's age and ultimately Roni's immaturity. I also could have done without the Epilogue. I thought the ending was perfect and sweet without that added information. He tried not to stare at her profile but at this point, she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Even right now in the morning. Especially right now in the morning, because this look— her tousled hair, her pajamas and big fuzzy slippers— were reserved for him. No one else could see her like this but him.