Wool (Wool, #1)

Wool - Hugh Howey It had happened in a single moment, the destruction of all that he knew. When I got Wool from Amazon several months ago because it was free and who really turns down a book that looks 'interesting' and is well, free? I'll admit that the likelihood of me actually reading it was slim, very slim to be honest. Well, I picked it up today, not because of some primal need to read this strange titled book. Nope, it was because all my friends had started reading it and were raving about it. Yeah, I sure came to the peer pressure and picked up Wool. Which is really very interesting within it's self because of the subject matter that Wool encompasses. After reading the first chapter of Wool, I was hooked and it's a short fast read but there was so much packed into this little gem of a book. I'll admit, I thought I was smarter than everyone and knew the outcome. Well, I didn't know a damn thing. Pick up Wool and jump into this world at least just for a little while.It was pity. It was raw pity and unconstrained joy.