Out of Control (Troubleshooters Series #4)

Out of Control - Suzanne Brockmann Buddy read with Wendy F.The Troubleshooter Series just keeps getting better and better as they progress. I'm hooked. Call me a fan of Brockmann from this moment forward.“A flying bookstore.” Molly smiled at him. “Be still my heart.”In Out of Control we are again given not one, not two but three love stories. Savannah and Ken: Their love affair is like a fire, it's hot and started fast. Ken puts his foot in his mouth for most of the book but he finally comes to his senses and see's what's right in front of him. A beautiful, strong and loyal women. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her good-bye. Right in front of her parents and Rose. It was not an “I’m kissing you in front of your parents” peck. It was an “as soon as we can find some privacy I’m taking off your clothes” kind of kiss. “Later, babe,” he said, and was gone. “My . . . goodness gracious,” Savannah’s mother murmured. “I like him,” Rose announced. Savannah laughed. “I do, too.” “What’s this reward he’s already picked out?” her father asked suspiciously. “Me, Daddy,” she said. “He wants me.” Molly and Jones:This was such a beautiful story. Molly is older, she's had a life and made some mistakes but her life is on track. It's like she's completely open to meeting the right person and in walks Jones. He's a mysterious man, he's dangerous, he's sexy and about to walk away with Molly's heart. You cannot stop rooting for them.She was overweight by America’s foolish standards, but not by Jones’s. To him, she was perfection. Soft and smooth and completely, lushly, provocatively female. She was Mother Nature, Mother Earth—with beautiful, full breasts peaked with generous dark nipples and womanly hips that could cradle and comfort and take a man to heaven without him fearing he’d snap her in two. Rose and Hank: In classic Brockmann style she includes a heart wrenching WWII love story. It's weaved in between the other love stories in the form of an autobiography that Rose wrote about her time as a double agent. It's a beautiful story of love, devotion and how the heart can endure.Alyssa and Sam: The madness continues. To say i'm anticipating this book is the understatement of the year. These two are going to burn down a house - they're just that hot.Up close he was big. All wide shoulders and long legs and broad chest. He smelled like sunblock and heat, and as she breathed him in, Alyssa felt a flash of panic. What was she doing? This was crazy. She was crazy to get within ten feet of this man