Into the Night (Troubleshooters Series #5)

Into the Night - Suzanne Brockmann Buddy Read with Wendy F.3.5 starsClearly Brockmann has a plan because Into the Night feels like a transition book after finishing it. We have another heartbreaking WWII story of Charlie and Vince and moving on from lose. We read about Mike and Joan, their road to finding each other. We read more about Sam and Alyssa trying to make it without each other and they're just miserable. We finally get a glimpse of Mary Lou, she broke my heart each step of the way. LoseBetrayalPassionUnsaid FeelingsAngerPainI felt like at the end of Into the Night I was left with more questions than answers and I have to say, it really pissed me off. Some revolving themes that Brockmann likes to play, the younger man/older women, a woman's negative body image, and discrimination. Now all these make for a great read but I was looking for a little more variety.This is what brings me back to the Troubleshooter series again. Now, was this my favorite book, No. Will I continue the series, Yes! In face, I can't wait to read the next book.