Wrapped Around Your Finger

Wrapped Around Your Finger - Fallon Blake Her clothes, makeup, high heels, they were her armor. She felt like a goddess when she was made up. She felt in control. And Banner knew it. Damn him. She’d almost rather be spanked. Flawed, beautiful, confident, and hidden is how I would describe Indigo Hartley. In Wrapped Around You Finger my first Fallen Blake book, I found the characters to be very well developed for such a short read. The romance was not a slow build, there was a spark between Banner and Indigo from the start. There is also a well developed story with some light BDSM, food play (Let's just say i'll never look at ginger and not blush *hot hot*) and romance. Yes, for those who must know, there is a HEA.This is one of the better Erotica novels that i've read and if you're looking for a book with depth that also delivers on the heat then don't pass up Wrapped Around You FingerHe ran a hand along the collar of her dress. As if choreographed, she pivoted and stepped out of the silk in one graceful movement, leaving him holding the garment, which he then folded and placed in his bag.