Flat-Out Love (Flat-Out Love, #1)

Flat-Out Love  - Jessica Park Updated June 20th 2012I can no longer look past Jessica Parks bad behavior when it comes to negative reviews. This seems to be a theme among authors now days. It's wrong, readers have the right to review books in the manner they choose. I review books here on Goodreads for myself and to help my friends make educated book selections. I feel like i'm being forced to downgrade my rating of Flat-Out Love because of this bad behavior and it's very frustrating. My hope is that Ms. Park can change her ways because I enjoyed her book and recommended it to many friends.Original Review November 2012**Giggle like a school girl**4.5 stars... This book would have been 5 if the ending would have had a little more 'umph.' Something was missing those last few pages. Maybe I wanted a little more 'love' or just those two to have some time to share themselves. Yes, i'm being cryptic... I don't want to ruin the surprise.I loved Flat-Out Love, it had me laughing, smiling and loving the smart witty banter that only Matty and Julie had. I was hooked from page one and read this book in a day. Even though it was a young adult book the 'smartness' shined through the pages and had me happy that nerds were proudly flying their 'nerd flag.'So, grab a copy of Flat-Out Love and join in all the fun. You will not be disappointed.