On the Island

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves The beginning of 2012 has been wonderful, i've read some amazing books and I can add On the Island as another top book for this year.We meet Anna at the airport, her boyfriend of 8 years is by her side but not wanting to start the family that Anna truly desires. She’s 30 years old, an English teacher and is embarking on a summer adventure to tutor a boy in the Maldives.T.J. is 15, he’s in remission from cancer. He will be spend the summer with his family and his tutor catching up on all the school he missed while sick. What takes place On the Island is a testament to human courage and it’s want for survival. Garvis-Graves writes what takes place while T. J. and Anna are on the island in such a believable way. Well, minus the dolphin’s saving him from the shark, that was not believable. I digress, they suffer, find ways to survive and build a lasting relationship of respect and love. T. J. acts much older than his young age, time passes while they’re on the island but he always has this level of maturity that I would envision a person who survived cancer at a young age to have. He’s level headed, except when it comes to men looking at Anna. He makes not excuses for loving and needing her; it’s beautiful to read.I enjoyed how Garvis-Graves alternates the chapters from T.J’s point of view to then Anna’s point of view. It gives the story that ‘first hand’ feel and makes it more believable. The stories don’t overlap but you do feel like you’re inside Anna and T. J’s private thoughts.This appears to be Garvis-Graves first published book, it’s almost hard to believe because I felt such an emotional connection to T. J. and Anna. I look forward to reading more by Garvis-Graves .On the Island will be one of those books that ‘sticks’ with you, I can see myself thinking about Ann and T. J. for a very long time.