White Trash Beautiful (White Trash, #1)

White Trash Beautiful (White Trash, #1) - Teresa Mummert Well I wrote this amazing review and poof - gone!Seriously?3.5 starsAll of my sadness and regret washed over me as I struggled to simply let go and just live in the moment. The pain of my life was crushing, and I knew deep down I had made a mistake by stepping out of it and letting myself believe I could have more.In far off place filled with magic and love a young girl dreams of a day when her Prince Charming will ride up on his beautiful white stallion and take her way from her sad and heartbreaking life. He's take care of her, love her unconditionally and never leave her. I was not that girl...Cass is not that girl either. Life has showed her that you make due with what you have. Dreaming big just ends up breaking your heart and it's best to just focus on today, just get through one shift at the diner. Until the day that Tucker White, lead singer of Damaged walks into the diner and sits at one of Cass' tables. He not like anyone she's met before and she feels this connection to him right away. Problem is Tucker starts making Cass dream those big dreams again. White Trash Beautiful is the first book in the Beautiful Series by Teresa Mummert. I found myself engrossed in this story and read this book in one day. I had to know what was going to happen to Cass because I felt and instant connection to her. For me she just jumps off the page and although she's tough on the outside with a quick mouth you know deep down she's hurting. He represented everything I wanted in life. He was freedom, he was a fantasy. A dream that played inside of my head since I learned how cruel this world could truly be.Tucker White is defiantly swoon worthy but he's not your typical tatted up semi bad boy who's the lead singer in a very popular band. Tucker wants to protect Cass from Jax her abusive boyfriend. This is where the story looses is reality for me and becomes about the fairy tale. Tucker is just too perfect and too understanding. Don't get me wrong, I loved him and what he does for Cass. First off he's not a alpha male that just takes her away from her abusive boyfriend and strung out mother but lets her make her own decisions. That journey is painful to read but in the end Cass really has no choice and follows her heart. “Please don’t regret me, Cass.” His voice was barely audible as he ran his thumb over my cheek, catching the stray tear that had betrayed me. His words unleashed a floodgate. I didn’t regret being with him. I regretted letting him into my heart and knowing he would be ripped out very soon. It was too much to take. My complaints about this book are minimal. I felt that Tucker White was too much like a knight in shining armor. Their relationship started off and went very fast. The ending was wrapped up too perfectly even though it's left open for another book. I also, felt that what happened to Jax and Cass mom felt emotionless on Cass part. In closing, I really enjoyed White Trash Beautiful it was deeply moving and you instantly are connected to the characters. Cass is complicated, damaged and beautiful. She's full of despair because life has beaten all the hope out of her. If you're looking for a Realistic Fiction book with some romance that is not dysfunctional, than White Trash Beautiful is a great choice. I've very excited to read the next book in the series and try another book by Teresa Mummert.