Rebirth (Aftertime Series #2)

Rebirth - Sophie Littlefield 4.5 stars...Her first words to Ruthie, whispered so softly that the doctors and nurses did not hear, that no one save her baby girl would ever hear, were, “You’re mine, and I am yours.” Rebirth is the second book in the Aftertime series by Sofia Littlefield. It takes place right where Aftertime left off and you find Cass, Ruthie, and Smoke living in the Box. Things are going great, Cass and Smoke have fallen into a beautiful domestic bliss, well what one would call bliss when the world as we know it is over and the beaters are walking among us. This is all about to change when word comes that Dor's daughter, Sammi is taken by the enemy.Oh, Wow! Talk about a page turner and lets just say some of your questions about Cass and Dor are answered in this book. Just some, you still want more information. First off, i'm officially a fan of Sofia Littlefields. Urban Fantasy books have found their way into my heart but the ones that make a home there always have a heroin who's damaged and you can't get more damaged than Cassandra Dollar, Cass is one messed up women and I love her to pieces. God she's messed up, her mind is amazing to read, Littlefield was able to write Cass with such truth (for lack of a better word). She's hurt, hurting, hurting herself and those she loves and cares about. All the while burning with this desire to take care of Ruthie, to live up to the heart wrenching promises she whispered in her darkest hour. It literally breaks your heart to feel the emotions and hurt coming off the page. Other review might focus on the world of "Aftertime" to be honest it's not unlike many other UF book that's come before. What sets this series apart from the other is Littlefields ability to write human characters that bring this daring situations a jaring reality when you imagine those characters, damaged and raw facing these unimaginable threats. a lie to pretend that she didn’t watch him. Yes. When he wasn’t looking, she watched him watching others, and it was like this, always. The laser focus. The absorbing of details. The filtering of distractions. The considering and calculating. And then—yes, just like now. The moment when Dor came to some conclusion, and his features relaxed and re-formed, chameleon-like, into a new public character he would play to achieve some unnamed end.In Rebirth we get to see Dor in a new light and he stole my heart. He's a perfect match for Cass... she just doesn't know it yet. Both are damaged, raw and find ways to punish themselves for the wrongs done to them. David MacAlister was some kind of computer guy before Aftertime, he made a ton of money but you wouldn't know it now. His pierced and tattooed body shows the Aftertime world that Dor is not someone to be messed with. He takes Cass and Ruthie with his to find his daughter making it very clear that he doesn't care for them and he will not change his plans for them. Dor is smart, he has the ability to understand the human experience and can connect with anyone. He uses this to his advantage when it's needed. In many ways he and Cass are so much alike. She learned a long time ago at the hands of her step-father that she can manipulate men with her body. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants and to in a way hurt herself over and over again. Dor understands that about her, he doesn't judge her and this is why I feel they are better matched. But that was not all. There was also the man she’d crashed up against, like the tide throws itself onto the shore. He had saved her and she had saved him; she had tasted the salt of his sweat and his blood on her lips, and she had known the shape of his grief and his longing and she had drunk it in and wanted more. She had seen him and she had not turned away, and he had known her and had not turned away. The end of Rebirth is an action packed adventure, zombie horde, explosions and we find new characters added and our favorites are headed in a new direction. For me who lives in Northern California it's always interesting to find an author who writes about this part of the country. In fact we find Cass and the gang in my neck of the woods, the Delta, not far from where I live in fact or at least from what's described I think it's not far. So that's very interesting.. To say i'm excited to jump right into [bc:Horizon|12109352|Horizon (Aftertime, #3)|Sophie Littlefield||17078403] would be an understatement. I cannot wait to see what Littlefield has in store for this damaged characters.