Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1)

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion This is a story about a Zombie that falls in love with a human... really. I never thought that I wanted to get inside the mind of a zombie, I thought they just shuffled around looking for human flesh. Not in Warm Bodies 'R' knows there is something out there, that he lived a 'life' before he became a zombie. He can't remember his own name until he eats a boy who's in love with Julie and everything changes...I'm not a profesional reviewer, that's easy to see. I always try to make sure and include my feeling when I review a book. This book made me feel a lot. Such a range of emotions, from horror to absolute tenderness and every one in between. Isaac Marion transformes a zombie into a living breathing, heart beating, women loving person. Oh, it's a process and it's not pretty at all, but it's the journey that really makes this book special. Not sure how Marion was able to write like you were inside 'R's' head but it was a beautifully horrifying experience.It looks like Warm Bodies is a series, now that is something to look forward to.