Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde Note this review contains adult content:My first feeling when I finished Reapers Property was very lack lusty, I was honestly more excited about starting a new book tomorrow and moving on from this. First off before I dive into this review you should know that I've read and enjoyed [b:Motorcycle Man|13448656|Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)|Kristen Ashley||18968802] and [b:Undeniable|16109563|Undeniable (Undeniable, #1)|Madeline Sheehan||21882391]. I've been a fan of Son's of Anarchy for years and enjoy the whole dynamic and lifestyle that is portrayed on that show. My review is not coming from me being shocked at the lifestyle portrayed here in Reapers Property , in fact that's what I enjoyed most about this book. I had some real issues with what Marie was taking from Horse (we'll touch on his name in a bit) and how the whole ending of the book played out.What I thought I was getting:What I ended up getting:HorseWith all the mans flaw and all the hype about his package I actually liked Horse. He was an ass, yes but he didn't hide the fact that he was a man who didn't follow normal society's rules and that's why he was in the Reapers Motor Club. I could have gone without hearing about his package more than seriously needed. Yes, I know this is an adult 'romantica' book but did we all have to hear how the man was compared to a horse more than once? I think not. In fact, I don't find that sexy or alluring at all. No, we're not going to have the debate does size matter right now? MarieMarie really bothered me in this book. There were a times when I thought she had lost her ever lovin' mind because she put herself in the most dangerous situations. If it's not her ex abusive husband or her crazy ass swindling brother, Jeff. Marie makes one bad decision after another. You're helpless to watch the madness unfold, that doesn't make you stop shaking your head and rolling your eyes. Enter words that make you cringe: Holy crap... these cringe worthy words seriously interrupted the flow of this book. At times I was reading feeling like maybe this book was picking up. The sex was hot and creative but then Ms. Wylde would throw me for a loop with things like "his tool" or "creaming in my panties" and my favorite "Naughty Bits." Oh, please NO! I think my favorite is Marie's inability to deny Horse even when she believe him to have performed such acts of violence as a Marine. The women was a walking contradiction.“Good morning, sweet butt,” he whispered in my ear, the warmth of his breath sending blood straight to my naughty bits.In conclusion: I'm still at a loss for why all the fan-girl giggles and squees for this book were all about. I found the writing and flow to be okay but at times the story repeats itself and I was left skimming because it was not a different POV but the same words verbatim. Horse was not a bad character to read about but his name is one of the worst i've ever read. Marie is not the sharpest tool but she's a good person at heart. What I will say is I enjoyed to sex between Horse and Marie, it was creative and hot.