Wounded - Jasinda Wilder He fills me. My heart, my soul. He fills the horrible emptiness that has gaped inside me all my life. The moment that he slid into me, I knew. It has just taken me this long to understand the strange feeling flowing in my veins in place of blood:  Happiness. Wounded has me a little torn. There are parts of this book that had me mesmerized, unable to tear my eyes from the words. Then at time I felt like it was an US Marine recruitment video. In the end I split the star rating between these two and went with 3 stars because this story of Rania's life before she met Hunter is heartbreaking and tragic. When they come together it's magical and beautiful.Here is what I thought...The romance between Hunter and Rania is HOT. It's my favorite part of the story and I believe the most well written and honest part of Wounded. How gentle and honest they both are with each other was so sweet to read. The rotating POV's between Hunter and Rania on added to the depth of the story. Ms. Wilder was able to convey Rania's struggle to communicate with Hunter is such a wonderful and realistic way. Rania is so broken and damaged that simple touch is associated with selling herself to survive. She has never known true kindness of giving. Everything had a price and she paid dearly for it for the last 10 years. I hear it, the sound that will become my life: a belt jingling.The story about Rania and Hunters past before they meet each other was very interesting to read. Although, having never been to Iraq I'm not sure if it's accurate. At times Rania seems to have super strength, she lifts and AK47 and shoots a man, multiple times in order to defend her brother. Later when she's and Hunter are surrounded by bad men, Hunter takes on a team of 50 with himself and 3 clips of ammunition. Now, like I said before, I've never been to Iraq or even to war but a man gravely wounded and hardly able to walk being able to take on that many soldier just seems far fetched. Even the fact that Hunter survived all this injurers with just Rania cleaning his wounds was almost hard to believe. I know the answer when he speaks my true name: I do not want him to know Sabah, the prostitute. I want him to know Rania, the woman.  Towards the end of wounded the relationship between Hunter and Rania goes from hidden glanses and thoughts of desire to love that will last a lifetime. For me that was not very believable, it seemed rushed and fast and next thing you know their Married, he's discharged and their on a plane to America, her now being Mrs. Rania Lee.“Some things are free, Rania. My love for you is free. All you have to do is take it. Accept it. If you want to work, I’ll help you find a job. But not because you have to earn your keep. You’re my wife. What’s mine is yours now.” Ms. Wilder writing style was distracting from the story. Short multiple sentences chopped up the flow of the book. I found myself wondering if we were hearing Rania's accented language or was this mean on purpose. In sections it ruined the mood and it was hard to get past. In the end, Wounded was a moving story about survival. I'm glad I read it and hope to read some of Ms. Wilders other books.