Gameboard of the Gods

Gameboard of the Gods - Man... This was so hard to put aside. Not because of content but because I consider Ms. Mead to be one of my favorite authors and I was so excited to finally get an ARC of this book. I was struggling at first but in the back of my mind I knew I had this same feeling at times with the Georgina Kincaid, Vampire Academy and even Dark Swan series. So I kept reading, I was struggling with some of the character content, not understanding this world but just kept reading (cue Dory from Nemo "Just keep Reading") in hope that I will soon be rewarded. I found myself doing laundry and yard work instead of picking this book up and finally around 30% I decided to put it aside. What was missing you ask? Classic Mead snark and humor. Those things that I love about her ability to write these complex character. In Gameboard there were no funny moments to take away from the heavily handed information dumping. This interfered with my ability to connect with Justin and Mae. So with a heavy heart i'm not finishing this book. I do reserve the right to pick it up again and give it another go.