Beautiful Bad Man

Beautiful Bad Man - Ellen O'Connell Buddy read with Regina, Kay, Angie and Laura!3.5 stars... I have to say that I liked this book for it's sweeping romance and the day to day life on a farm descriptions. I just felt that the ending was rush a little too much, forgive me if I wanted to see Caleb and Norah have a little peaceful time together. I didn't connect emotionally to Norah or Caleb like I have with other books by Ms. O'Connell. I believe that Ms. O'Connell has a true gift for writing, she puts emotions into her words but does not hold back the truth of the times. These books are violant, they make you shocked to read what a person can do to another to survive, but she does it in a way that leaves you feeling the truth of those actions.I have one more book left to read from O'Connell... let's hope I saved the best for last.