Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1)

Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright 3.5 stars...I really enjoyed reading Feral Sins. I stumbled onto this book like many before, from a friend who was talking about how sexy it was... plus she threw out 'Orgy scene' and I was intrigued. Just keeping it real people. In the end I think the Orgy scene was a little out of character but more on that later. I was going to highlight some of the funny points in this book but instead I wanted to talk about what you can get away with in an Shifter book.Call her a bitch... You can call your mate a bitch in the heat of passion and it be a turn on and she not take it personally. You can't do that in a traditional romance book. Scratch, Bite and Mark her... Well, there are times that scratching and biting are fine but Marking... yeah you can only get behind that when it's a shifter book. Plus when Trey would lick or stared at Taryn's mark - oh boy that was hot!Tell me you're mine... Normally this can either be hot or just over the top but in Feral Sins is just how you would imagine a mated alpha wolf to act and it's hot! Trey didn't take it too far, he wanted Taryn to be submissive in the bedroom and he knew that her wolf wanted to have that type of sexual relationship with him. Again he had surprised Taryn. He didn’t want to change her, wasn’t disregarding her own strength the way others had before him. Instead of making their battle for dominance all about physical strength and proving his will was stronger, he was promising to give her what she’d missed from her life since it became apparent that she was latent – respect and protection. Now to the story... Having said that I enjoyed this book already, it's really very fun to read. There were these amazing romantic and sexy moments between Trey and Taryn but what I loved was the witty interactions between Taryn and Greta. Those two were so funny it broke up the heavy feeling that Trey and Taryn relationship put into the story. The whole idea that they were taking part in a "fake mating" didn't have anyone fooled, me included. Not that I didn't enjoy there process of them finding that out. I loved that Taryn is a healer, she's so spunky and strong but there is this underline vulnerability to her that just comes to the surface. There characters are layered in a way that most romantica is not, so that was good. There were several editing errors and I understand that I had an older version of this book. So now to the Orgy scene... for those of you who haven't read the book. Look away now! Well, i'm not really going to spoil anything but I just felt it was a little too much. Don't get me wrong it was hot but it didn't fit the characters at all. Trey with his whole "you're mine and no one else will ever have you" thing does not transfer to me sharing you with my pack. Now some funny moments:Taryn held up her index finger. “Just give me a second. Attempting to give a fuck…Attempting harder to give a fuck…Sorry, there was an error. Fuck not given.” Greta huffed at Taryn. “In my day mates weren’t allowed to live together until after the mating ceremony.” “In your day a guy named Noah was building an Ark.” “So sorry, my halo slipped for a second there.” In conclusion... Feral Sins was a nice little surprise that I didn't even know I needed to read. Fun characters who were hilarious, each very different and a mated relationship that was sweet but hot in the bedroom. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.