Dream of Me/Believe in Me

Dream of Me/Believe in Me - Josie Litton Here is the star rating for each book...Dream of me - 5 starsBelieve in me - 2 starsReview for Dream of Me...5 stars... put on my favorite list for 2013I've been a fan of Historical Romance for some time. It's a genre that will take me out of a reading slump or maybe perfect for a time when you don't know what to read. There are great ones, some that make you giggle and at times those that melt your heart. Dream of Me has did all three of those to me. I was surprised at how much I love this book. I have never even heard of this author when the group I co-mod (shout out to the True Love 101 members) in decided to read it for a group read. So I decided give it a try. What first struck me was the writing style. This book is beautifully written, it's a sweeping love story not just in content but in word choice. At the first chapter, I found myself hooked at the descriptions of the people and their comminity. The people in this book are almost more beautiful than the harsh land that it's set in. Wolf... I don't even know where to start because i'm just going to turn into a swooning fan girl and that's so not me. But I cannot help myself. He's magnificent, a viking Lord and he's kind. His appreciation for Cambria's plight is heartfelt. Plus any man that know's he's made a grave mistake and makes it right without thought to his reputation is amazing in my book. There characters are the main ones in Dream of Me but the foundation is set for Dragon (Wolf's brother) and Hawk (Cymbra's Brother) their stories and i'm so excited for these reluctant husbands to find wives...In conclusion, I loved this book (if you couldn't already tell) and I cannot wait for the other stories in this trilogy. If you're looking for a Viking Romance, then this is a must read. Review of Believe in Me 2 stars...Honestly I don't even want to spend anymore time with this book. I loathed this book. It's so vastly different from Believe in Me that I almost thought this was a different author. Everything is different, first off this book is set is Essex, much less steam, no sparks between Hawk and Krysta and finally very predicable. I have hope for Dragons book, LItton goes back to the magic found in Wolfs book.I guess i'm just a Viking girl!