Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror)

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle Dead Sky Morning does three things: First it takes you on the scariest adventure yet. Second you get to see Dex and Perry in ways you never thought you would see them *couch strip club couch* and finally, it makes you want a Perry/Dex sandwhich even more.Okay this review is going to be quick because i'm jumping right into [b:Lying Season|13061289|Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4)|Karina Halle||18226704] and I'm excited to point of almost twitchy. I know... I know... this is just a book. I have to say that this series has me so enamored because of Perry and Dex. It's a character driven series that where each book takes off where the last ended and each revolves around a little ghost hunting that Dex plans and then drags Perry along. In Dead Sky Morning all that is kicked up a notch. The first quarter of the book deals with Perry and Dex getting to this Ghost hunting location and that takes them on a few insightful adventures. I felt that what we most get in this book is we finally learn more of Dex & Perry's hidden secrets. The rest of the book deals with Perry & Dex on D'Arcy Island, it used to be the home of Chinese Lepers but now it's been ababndoded for years. This island gave the creeps and I almost thought this was the end to our dynamic duo. What draws me back to this series are the character and not just that I've found a connection to them but that they're flawed, layered and I love that about both of them. Together the world seems right. In Perry's instance it's love and a connection she has never felt before but for Dex we just don't know yet. Each book there is a new revelation and although it makes me crazy, I love that this is a growing bond between them.What's next for Dex & Perry... More ghost hunting is my guess. My hope is finally some relationship development. What wont be missing is funny moments, because there is nothing like Dex humor.