The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror, #5.7)

The Dex-Files - Karina Halle I have been waiting 5 books to get into the mind of Dex Foray... Boy was it worth the wait. So this is just going to be a gush fest about my love of all things Dex. Feel free to turn away and run for the hills because ladies and gentlemen it's not pretty. I love real, flawed, damaged and dark male characters. So for me Dex is the ultimate book boyfriend.In this novella told from Dex point of view, we get to see his side of the story and it fills so many of the gaps that I found missing by the time I read [b:On Demon Wings|13442031|On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)|Karina Halle||18949847]. I'm just going to let Dex speak for himself because we've waited so long to be inside his head: **spoilers** Read at your own risk...Dex on Perry... I mean come on, I want someone to say this about me. Sometimes you came across women who had every-thing going for them…looks, personality, smarts, and they had NO fucking idea what they were worth. How amazing and beautiful, they were, how they oozed sex and secrets. Then you had those women who knew they had what you wanted and used it. Repeatedly. Just to get what they wanted. It was an unbalanced universe.Dex on Love and Perry... OMG!!That wasn’t just fucking. That wasn’t just long overdue. This was love. I was head over heels in love with her. No, that didn’t describe it. I was tear my fucking heart out and throw it at her, beg her to take it into hers. I was falling from the greatest heights with no safety net below. I was giving everything of my own life for hers, giving up every inch of my soul so she could wear it proudly. I was a former king on my knees in front of the queen. A jester begging for a chance. I was powerless, helpless and at her mercy. And that was the one place I swore I’d never be again. To love was to hurt.Dex with Rebecca talking about what happened to him after that faitful night after the Christmas Party...I snorted. “I have. I’m going to the gym every day, running, I quit smoking, I quit my meds. I can’t give up all my vices. I’m not a superhero.”Rebecca is my stand out Character from this book, I mean I loved her before but she's just sexy and funny. She's got a good heart and want's Dex and Perry to be together... Rebecca and Dex on putting himself back together. These two crack me up.She smiled sadly and gave me a slow nod. “I know. I’m not judging. Frankly, I don’t think I could hang out with you if you weren’t the vice-type of guy.” “Well then you’ll be pleased to know that I’m still drinking and I’m still wanking to porn.” “That’s my boy,” she saidIn conclusion, this is a must read for Experiment in Terror fans, no this is the book you've been dreaming about. Be prepared for this book to solidify your book crush on Dex. I cannot wait for the next book, [b:Come Alive|16143338|Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7)|Karina Halle||21975814] I hear it's in Dex POV... Yay!