Me Before You: A Novel

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes 3 Stars...Don't judge a book by its cover, well this is the case with You Before Me. Don't think pink and flowers when you think of this story because it not about light and fluffy. It's about death. Do you have the right to choose your own death? The first part of this book dragged, it took me about 130 pages to really sink its claws into me. I normally would have put a book down that took that long to get my attention but I was reading this with friends and felt some pressure to finish. I'm really glad I did. I love the last part of this book. This is where Miss Moyes brought out the big emotional guns and when to town on my heart. Tears, not cute single droplets fell from my face but that bad cry where you don’t even want your husband to see you crying over these fictional characters. You Before Me didn’t shy away from controversial issues it brought the idea that a person should choose their own death right out there for you to examine. Whatever your opinion is, you could not help but feel for Will and his journey. Your heart broke for his parents and sister and mostly, Lou because this experience of being Wills caretaker changed her.I really did not like how Miss Moyes would take a random character and for one lonely chapter write the story from their point of view. It seemed odd and their ideas were pushed upon you. I wanted more of maybe Wills point of view, his feeling of living as a quadriplegic would have been fascinating. In the end You Before Me moved me. I needed a good cry and it sure delivered.