Hidden Summit (Virgin River)

Hidden Summit - Robyn Carr First off, i'm a huge fan of the Virgin River Series. I have enjoyed them all but having said that Hidden Summit didn't do it for me. The spark was missing between Conner and Leslie. The words were there but it lacked the feeling that i've come to know and love with reading this series.What you do get is more into the lives of your favorite Virgin River characters - it's like a back country soap opra without all the plastic surgery and fake acting. This town stands together and they take care of their own. Maybe this book is a transition book because I can see several characters that may get books. I'm very interested in Katie, Conners little sister and believe she woud make a great story. Nora, she needs a happy ending because she's been through so much and she's about due. So if you're reading this and are still on the fence about the Virgin River series please don't pass it by. I mean if this is one of the few that just wasn't my favorite out of now 20 books. That's still an amazing series!