Virgin River

Virgin River - Robyn Carr 3.5 stars. I have to say that at first this book was just okay but then once I became attached to these complex character, Jack, Mel and the whole Virgin River town grew on me. It also did not hurt that I live in N. California and I've been to most of the areas they were talking about. Jack and Mel are a wonderful couple. They talk with each other about anything and everything, Mel is heartbroken from loosing her husband to a horrible accident and she has kept this secret from everyone in Virgin River. She want's to start over and not have everyone looking at her like she's the lady who lost her husband. She an accomplished midwife and nurse and is very confident in her job and truly wants to help people. Jack is a retired marine who has survived 5 tour of duty and has his own demons. Plus Jacks hot... He's a gun carrying marine and I've yet to find one yet that's not sexy as hell. Not to mention that he's sweet, gentle, and caring of Mels. In the end it was my connection to Jack and Mel that made this book a great read for me. I look forward to finding out what happens to them and it looks like there are a ton of book in the Virgin River Series.