Simply Sinful...

Off the Edge - Carolyn Crane
Laney grinned. “Zero stars. And that’s final.” He watched her. He couldn’t believe the miracle of her, or how beautiful and brave she was. But that wasn’t the phrase, not precisely. She felt good and endless, and he wanted to never stop discovering her.

This is the second book in Carolyn Crane Associates Series, a fast paced series set around a group of spies with brains called the Associates. Although this is a series, Off the Edge could be read as a stand alone. The world is outlined in each book but i've enjoyed reading this series from the beginning. Off the Edge just feels more polished and developed or maybe it's just that I fell so hard for this story and once Macmillan and his white shirt graced the page, I was simply lost.

I wish I could find the right words to describe how much I enjoyed every aspect of this book. But wow, I just loved this book. In many ways it reminded me of my favorite suspense series,Suzanne Brockmann, Troubleshooter series but without all the side stories. First off I should say i'm not a huge suspense fan so i'm not an expert on how they should be done and for me Off the Edge moved past being put in a box with its moving story, descriptive nuances and characters you could connect with. 

Something happens the moment that Peter "Maxwell" Macmillan sees Laney singing on stage. The songs she wrote from the heart seem to float over everyone else but they're a bullseye for Peter. He's lost in her descriptions and in that moment he must know more about Laney. 

Maxwell listened. He saw her. He soaked her in, seemed almost to enjoy her, with a kind of sparkle in his eye that seemed just for her. It made her feel happy, bold. And it was mercilessly sexy.

Then theres Macmillan... Peter the man he once was is drawn so desperately to Laney that he torn like never before between his mission with the Association and his desire to be near Laney. You see he's a linguistic specialist with brawn in fact Laney described Maxwell as an academic Indiana Jones and I loved that!

“A linguist secret agent. Did you grow up thinking, I want to be so goddamn cool someday?”

The mission of finding this super weapon was fun and it intrigued me. There was a lot of running, guns and fighting and I thought that was written very realistic. I found myself at the edge of my seat many times as Macmillan was in danger and asking Laney to leave him. 

Maybe his efforts to save Laney had unbalanced the mission and set countless arms dealers after her. Well, he’d save her from them, too. He’d save the whole goddamn world, because just watching her twirl a twisty tie made him feel hopeful. And every one of her crazy words filled him with unspeakable joy. And the way she held her lips when she was angry made him happy, and so did her filthy mouth, and all that energetic red hair she hid under that brown dye. There was even something about those songs of hers, much as they nettled him. No, it was more that they pierced him…pummeled him.

In conclusion, I found Off the Edge to be an engaging not your traditional romantic suspense novel. Character that you wanted to get to know better and writing that blew me away. Plus this book is sexy, I mean SEXY (yes, in all caps). I heard that Miss Crane took her time writing this book and it simply shows. If you haven't guessed, I loved Off the Edge and now I get to wait for the third book in the series... I can't wait!!

ARC courtesy of CrushStar Multimedia LLC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All quotes were taken from the pre-released ARC and should be viewed accordingly.