Two for one fun!

Secret - Brigid Kemmerer

Well the Elemental Series does not fail to surprise me. In factSecret is almost like two stories that converge into one. To me Miss Kemmerer writes YA like it should be. Filled with real life issues that are not downplayed because of people misconceptions about young adults. She also doesn't write her series to exclude "adults" and the Merrick brothers are this amazing mix of ages that just feels right and true.

Okay the story...

This is Nicks journey with and heavy dose of Quinn and I loved it! The mix between these two, Nick using Quinn as his girlfriend and Quinn falling for her old ways and letting Nick use her because she doesn't feel worthy (see... YA themes that need to be touched on). Nick is hiding his true self from the people who can understand him most and her pushes Quinn into the arms of the Merrick brothers enemy... or is he?

I'm about to get on my soap box...

I love lessons in books. I just do. For example, Quinn's home life is a wreck or more it a nightmare and she's holding on by a thread. Part of me wonders how she hid it this long and if the person who helps her just understood her pain. Some YA books have gotten some slack for graphic language or sex. Now there is not actual "sex" in this book, it's alluded to. For me the these touched on in Secret, coming out to your family and domestic abuse are issues that young adults deal with all the time. These issues were delt with is such a positive matter that I hope people can accept them for being positive.

What I loved about Secret...

Umm everything! The pace - non-stop action but with some real life Merrick dating drama mixed in. This book is all Nick but with a good dose of Quinn and I finally understood her and I loved her even more after reading this book. Now Tyler was someone we were lead to hate but in Secret you may change your mind about him. I know I did. I couldn't put this book down and I didn't want to because I kept wanting to know what was on the next page. This is book 4 in the Elemental Series, we have a clear picture of the Merrick men, but somehow each book reveals more. More importantly this series is just fun to read and never fails to be a great read. So if you haven't picked up and book by Miss Kemmerer, then your in for a treat. She's a hidden gem in the writing world. 

ARC courtesy of Kensington Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.