Favorite M/M book of 2013...

Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino

I don't know what to say, i'm still reeling for all the fantasticness that is Too Stupid to Live. This is not my first M/M book, nor will it be my last but there are times when this genre lacks emotional connections in their books. I try very hard to research before I read, like many of my friends do but this time I wen't will my friend Wendy's gut and it did not steer us wrong. 


The Story:


Sam has always know he was gay. His family has always known because he's only been, well who is. He's lanky, tall, skinny most would call him. With blue eyes and sandy hair, he doesn't think he's attractive and past relationships have made Sam down on himself. Sam's a writer, he reads romance novels you know the ones with the heaving bosom on the front? He loves them and at times he finds himself inside his head imagining if those hero or heroines came to life. Then one day he runs into Ian and life changes for Sam...




Ohhh theres a lot to love about Too Stupid to Live. What had me laughing and falling head over heels in love with Sam was the ingenious way he was written. Not so sure of himself, a little down of his love life or lack there of but also totally just himself.  I loved how Sam played his life out with the plot lines of a romance novel. It was just always in the back of his mind and it made this book so fun to read. I've done that before, imagined what my favorite book hero would do in a situation. It was just so refreshing to read. This is why I love Sam:


"And that’s when it hit Sam. If Ian was a TGH, that made Sam . . . Too Stupid to Live. Sam closed his eyes in resignation. He was TSTL. Stupid enough to investigate the locked fourth story of the manor house, where the human screams originated; stupid enough to run out onto the moors at night to find the howling wolves. Stupid enough to want to suck Ian’s cock again. And the whole time, he’d be thinking he could somehow further the plot via his stupidity."


Then comes Ian, he's a mans man or at least that's how he comes off at first. You think he's at home watching ESPN with a beer in his hand... but really he's


Ian smirked. “I like beer and gymnastics, but I’m hoping the men’s team is competing."


He's complicated in more ways than one. To watch Ian grow into the man he is at the end of this book is one of the most fantastic things i've read this year. Honestly! This is not just about sex, let me tell you there is some smoking hot sex in this book. This is about a emotional connection between two men that surpass the external appearance of a man and dive into his soul. How this plays out it nothing but pure genius. You just have to read this book to experience the magic. 


In conclusion, if you're looking for an outstanding M/M romance book that takes it's reading on a fun and emotional ride. Then Too Stupid to Live is just the book for you. I know it's one of my favorite M/M book i've read and It's going down as one of my favorite book of 2013. This being my first book by Anne Tenino, so I cannot compare this to her other books. I can tell you after i'm done writing this review, i'm off to research her other books. 


Side note: I want to thank Wendy for always reading with me and allowing me to text her all the time with my little thoughts about our buddy reads. It's something that has taken my reading to the next level. To be able to share my thoughts with someone who's reading the same book as I am is just pure bliss. Thanks Wendy!