Carolina Gold - Dorothy Love

2 stars…

I wish that I could write that I loved Carolina Gold and in some ways the story moved me. But in the end nothing seemed to happen. I was looking for the mystery that was promised in the synopsis but again; there really wasn’t much to it at all.

I found the descriptions of the South Carolina rice plantation to be fascinating, taking me into a time and place that is so foreign to me. Carolina Gold takes place after the Civil War when our country is broken and trying to go on with a new kind of life. So much has changed for Charlotte; she’s written in such a way that you believe that this one woman is going to somehow single handedly save her families plantation. Although, this idea is beyond far fetched, I enjoyed reading the process. Simple details of farm life, social norms and even the way that the rolls of woman were changing were very interesting. Carolina Gold simply lacked that passion to pull a reader into a story and get lost in it. Not sexual passion, but a feeling of the character having to accomplish this feet. 

Having been my first book by, Dorthy Love I didn’t have any expectations. I wasn’t completely let down but in the end I felt that the storyline really didn’t give me the range of emotions I’m normally looking for in a Historical read. 

ARC courtesy of Thomas Nelson – Fiction via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.