Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror #8) - Karina Halle

3.5 stars...

“Oh god,” I gasped as the door closed with a groan, sealing us inside the tunnel.

Once again Halle makes me want to run and hide under the covers because this book is the scariest of all the Experiment in Terror books.

For me Ashes to Ashes was a turning point for both Perry & Dex along with the Experiment in Terror TV show... You'll have to read the book to find it all out :) I will say that this is a good turning point and I now can see how this series will come to a close. Or I have a few thoughts on that. What I can say about Ashes to Ashes is that it took Perry and cranked her up a bit. She's more the focus of this book, in the past we've had alternating POV's but this book is Perry all the way. But i'm missing Dex. What we get in Ashes to Ashes is crude sex starved Dex and I love that about him but there is also so much more to him. I felt like part of him that makes him such a well rounded character was missing. It truly affected my rating of Ashes to Ashes. I just have some mixed feelings about a lot of what happened. How some of the sex scenes were played out, yes they were hot but also just felt put there for the fans. I'm not bashing on this book, this is one of my favorite series. I love so much about Dex & Perry. I just have to be honest and I know i'm in the minority here. 

Ashes to Ashes had several revelations that really shocked me. So much of this book was predictable but not those revelations and that was just so fun! This book ends in a cliff hanger and i'm still a little peeved about that. Mainly because i'm not a patient girl when it comes to her favorite fiction couples. So I get to wait to see what happens next... It looks like we have 2 more books till the end of the series. Halle has done a terrific job at not making this world feel old, Dex & Perry have been through so much and i'm excited about what's next. 

My favorite quote from Dex: 

“Baby,” he murmured roughly, staring at me fixedly with half-closed eyes, “I try and put myself in your damn shoes every single day. Because you’re my girl. You’re my woman. You’re my partner. You’re my lover. And if I can’t try and fucking understand you and that complex, crazy head of yours, then I’m not doing my job. Then I’m not worthy of you. I want to be worthy of you, baby. I want to know how you work, how you function, how you think. I want to know you so I can be there for you and be there with you. There’s not a day that I’m not trying to discover another one of your beautiful layers. So don’t say that I’m not in your shoes. I’ve been wearing them more than you think.”