Takes Sexy to a whole new level...

Dark Wolf Running  - Rhyannon Byrd

This is my first book by Rhyannon Byrd and it wont be my last. I found the cast of characters and story to be good, not great but what stood out above all the rest was the passion between Elise and Wyatt.

Elise is a dark wolf, she's has the purist bloodlines and will change into her dark wolf with her true mate. So when she's attacked and beaten, damaged and can't remember what happened. Her whole worlds just stops. Three years later, at her brothers wedding, Elise finds herself being attacked again but this time Wyatt Pallaton defending her. What Elise doesn't know is that Wyatt has been watching her, he's been attracted to her for awhile now and this turn of events mades Wyatt unable to leave Elise alone. 

So, I picked up Dark Wolf Running no knowing it was the fifth book in the Bloodrunners seres but I wasn't lost at all. More so it made me want to go back and read the first 4 books so I could catch up. Like many PNR books or Shifter books there is a lot of sexual tension and in this book it just explodes off the page. Making the major plot line of finding Elise's attackers fade into the background. I was transfixed by the way that Wyatt was written. He's just as damaged as Elise but he's so patient and gentle with her. He's also honest about his feelings. All that adds up to some pulse raising scenes. I mean, wow!!

Why 3 stars? Well the sex and romance was 4.5 but the storyline was a 2 at best, so I wen't with 3 stars. Having said that, I cannot wait to read another book my Miss Byrd.

ARC courtesy of Harlequin Nocturne via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.