World After takes off right where Angelfall ended. So hold on...

World After  - Susan Ee

I'm almost at a loss with how to review this book. It was an experience, like I was Penryn and this book happened to me. Because once I was able to sit and dive into it, I couldn't stop. I know I sound like one of those crazy book ladies. but I also feel like i'm here with my people... 

World After has everything you want in an Urban Fantasy book: Heart stopping fight scenes, touching family moments, and a forbidden growing romance.

World Afterstarts right where Angelfall ends. Penryn and her Mom are in the back of the resistance truck leaving the city with the fallen aerie in the background. From that moment we are gifted with non stop action when Penryn joins the resistance and is still protecting Paige. She's also having visions brought on by Raffe's sword. These visions show us the reader Raffes POV. How he feels during key moments in Angelfall. The first part of the book was good but the last part of World After blew me away!

I'm a Northern California native, i've lived here my whole life, my family has been in California for 8 generations. So as you can imagine, i've walked the streets of San Francisco and lunched at Pier 39. I was even married in Half Moon Bay. To read a book about the world falling apart in your city, just adds this real effect. 

The new aerie is a posh hotel that used to sit on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. Now it sits on a piece of the land that miraculously didn’t get washed away with the rest of the cliffs surrounding it. A narrow land bridge connects what’s left of the bay with the hotel island, making the whole place look like a keyhole.

I couldn't help but think of the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay...

In the end I was mesmerized by Miss Ee's ability to take such tender innocent moments between Raffe and Penryn and turn the heat way up. I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this series but I have some high hopes for this romance to somehow work out. 

He pulls me into his arms and holds me tight. He is the one pocket of warmth in a sea of ice. Being in his arms feels like the home I never had. He’s still panting his laugh that rumbles through his chest. My chest moves with his, making me smile